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Our Story

Sistahgurls is the result of three life-long friends (BFF) whose friendship spans over 42 years and the desire to engage in a business together.  We derived from a great race of people and families full of entrepreneurs. Enthusiasts of African American History and our culture, we knew that we wanted a business using the talent given to us and doing the things we love.  But, up to this point, most of our lives, we had only created beauty through fashion designs, artistic creations and crafts, home and church decorations.  Yet, never seemingly having enough time or money to work toward our goal.  Then, while in the midst of the pandemic, the inspiration to pursue our goal, shifted our focus to finally making this a reality. 

Armed with sound advice from someone who is very special and highly respected in business matters, this business was kick-started. Our name came about because the three of us are sisters in Christ "sistah" and true girl friends "gurls". Together, we are awesome!!   We love and enjoy helping others.  Thus, our name "Sistah Gurls" was created.

Our mission is simply to offer unique products that inspire and enlighten people of all ages about the rich history of black America.  We believe this business will give us the ability to bring awareness about our history and culture.  Our products are just one small way to tell a heartfelt story of our history and culture in a changing society.

This journey has reinforced to us that we should never, never ever give up on our dream no matter of our age.  "We were made for greatness".
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